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Keep an eye out for the Apple iPhone 14 series with autofocus front-facing camera and new design

1. The iPhone 14 series job may be new.

2. The iPhone 14 series may have an autofocus front-facing camera.

3. Support for new lighting port standards is recommended for iPhone 14 and Pro and Pro Max models.

It’s no secret that Coyle is working on his new iPhone 14 series. Which will launch later this year. And before its launch, information about which ones are starting to make their way across the web. All 14 Series phones will have an autofocus front-facing camera with f / 1.9 aperture, according to a recent analysis by Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. We will use a pre-fixed-focus selfie lens that will represent a bigger update than previous iPhones.

If one is really over, this will be great news for buyers who want to update on upcoming iPhones because the addition of autofocus add-ons will not only improve video calling but also enable users to click photos in daylight due to a larger sensor. In condition.

Apple iPhone 14 autofocus front-facing camera to come.

In addition to these, other reports from the past have suggested that, in the end, Apple could make significant changes to the design because of the need to make a notch cage and the changes have been redesigned for a punch-hole design. The report says that the iPhone 14 series will come with a “surprise mark” punch hole in the top center of the display. However, in newer phones, this will be the only major design change as the designs will keep the lighting ports. Despite having already moved to a USB Type-C port to charge the MacBook and iPad, it looks like the iPhone 14 series will still stick to the lighting port because of the chassis following the old design.

But the underlying technology was going to change somewhat as the report claims lighting and technology will see an upgrade to USB 3.0. If the lighting posts on current generation iPhones work on USB 2.0, after upgrading it will be upgraded to USB 3 point and consequently transfer speed up to 5 Gbps. . This will be limited to iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max only. Although regular iPhone 14 models will come with older generation USB 2.0 Lightning Port.



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