Stephen Curry of the Warriors leaves the Pacers game early (left shoulder)

Curry hurt himself while trying to take the ball away from Indiana’s Jalen Smith as Smith drove to the basket with 2:04 remaining in the third quarter.

Curry seized his left shoulder right away and held onto it as he went down the court.
The Warriors then took a timeout, and two trainers on the bench examined Curry.

Curry returned to the locker room with Golden State head trainer Rick Celebrini a little while later.

Curry will receive an MRI on Thursday, according to coach Steve Kerr’s postgame remarks.
Curry, according to him, was in high spirits.

When Curry was on the court, the Warriors had a 119.2 offensive efficiency, but when he wasn’t, they only had a 99.6 offensive efficiency.

Curry scored 38 points against the Pacers, which was almost half of the 80 total points the Warriors had at the moment.
He did contribute 27 points in the first two quarters, nearly half of the first half’s total for the Warriors.

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