Apple Said to Be “Seriously” Worried About Sales of the iPhone 14 Plus and Looking to Reconsider the iPhone 15 Lineup

The 6.7-inch non-Pro version of the iPhone 14 series, the iPhone 14 Plus, is apparently “seriously” underperforming in terms of sales.
As a result, it is thinking about how to redesign its iPhone portfolio for the following year.

The 5.4-inch small iPhone has been replaced with the newest model in the iPhone series, the iPhone 14 Plus.
The iPhone 14 Plus has a larger display and battery but the same design, cameras, and performance as the standard iPhone 14.
Apple is considering ways to rethink how it treats pro and non-pro iPhones for the iPhone 15, claims a post by yeux1122 on Naver, who has previously posted both correct and false information.

The article lists two potential approaches that Apple is allegedly considering. The first is to better distinguish between professional and non-professional iPhones, which was previously suggested by Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.
Second, the article cites supply chain and industry insiders to claim that Apple is thinking about dropping the price of the Plus model of the range, which starts at $899.
Unless Apple wants to narrow the price difference between the two models, a price drop of the Plus model might also result in a price reduction of the $799 starting price of the basic iPhone.

Apple has changed and examined its iPhone lineup several times over the past few years.
Apple started off by offering small and large-sized iPhones with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus before expanding and offering four models, two standard and two high-end, with various materials, colors, and camera functions.
Unlike prior years, when more sophisticated camera functions were restricted to only the largest iPhone, Apple started offering the same camera systems on the 6.1-inch Pro and 6.7-inch Pro Max models starting with the iPhone 13 Pro.

Apple decided to provide two basic and two premium models with matching sizes for the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro: two 6.1-inch models and two 6.7-inch models.
The cameras and designs of the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max are identical, with the iPhone 14 Pro Max’s physical larger battery serving as the main distinction.

It’s still a year away from the iPhone 15, so it’s too soon to predict Apple’s approach.
Dynamic Island is anticipated to be available on all iPhone 15 models, which is one indication that Apple is attempting to converge the entire portfolio.
Check out our roundup for a detailed summary of everything we currently know about the iPhone 15.

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