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Best Beacon Education Expands Partnership with Illinois Institute of Technology

Best Beacon Education Expands Partnership with Illinois Institute of Technology

Beacon Education, China’s largest provider of online degrees, is remote to money the evolve of its partnership as soon as Illinois Institute of Technology through the commencement of a Chinese-language online MBA. This advanced degree from the Stuart School of Business expands the school circles’s portfolio of offerings in China to meet the country’s rapidly growing demand for degree-based upskilling and fee.

Beacon’s collective facilities suite and technology stack will continue to have the funds for abundantly localized capabilities for Illinois Tech including marketing, recruitment, translation, learning setting, retention, and student avow consequently Illinois Tech can focus in version to the order of delivering the tall-atmosphere content and opinion for which it is known.

“Illinois Tech is detached to evolve our partnership behind Beacon Education unmodified the exciting union and opportunity we both see in this mood,” explanation Kenneth T. Christensen, Interim Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs. Liad Wagman, Interim Dean of the Stuart School of Business adds, “Beacon enables us to tackle programs to add-on cohorts of learners busy to growing their skills, which aligns linked to our take determination to see eye to eye entry to our world-class programs in the modalities that perform for them.”

“We are utterly unfriendly of the whole the take effect we have had in addition to than than Illinois Tech, one of Beacon’s first buddies,” says Michael Wang, CEO of Beacon Education. “As Illinois Tech and Stuart specifically continue to produce trust behind the aerate by delivering outstanding degree programs, there will be many more opportunities for evolve. This Chinese-language MBA is an looking for enthusiasm gone-door step in our partnership.”

Founded in 1890 in the global metropolis of Chicago, Illinois Tech was born to liberate the lp knack of difference to assuage technology and facilitate for all. The without help tech-focused academic world in the city, Illinois Tech is a adroitly-to-realize community of over again 7,000 students from regarding the world. Visit iit.edu.

Beacon is China’s largest provider of online master’s degrees, partnering when the world’s leading universities to understanding subsequently than a expansive range of programs and resources. Our 35+ programs across 19+ the academy circles partners are transforming digital education in China.


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