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Watch A Brief Breakdown of The Electric Car Charging Stations in Australia

Electric vehicles have become a new norm, will grow over time, and fuel vehicles will become extinct. This will pave the way for more electric vehicle charging stations and specific charging cable networks.

In the case of charging cables, the new Australian standard cable used in most new EV charging points is the Type 2 charge cable, also known as Mennekes cable. This cable is a high output connector that operates up to 22 kW and is compatible with EV and PHEV type 2 charging stations. Look for Juicer Charge On for a strong, durable Type 2 charging cable made from a heated and strong 5m wire. Their wires are strong and easy to connect to your EV or PHEV. Juicer offers a 2-year warranty, and a cable bag, and the item is delivered within 1-2 working days in Australia and within 7-12 days in New Zealand.

Let’s not know what an electric charging station is. When it comes to distinguishing EV charging stations, there are three different levels.

First level

It is like a charger for your mobile phone and the cable usually provides a single-phase EV plug that provides a range of about 10-20 km per hour. Therefore, it is not recommended to charge fast.

Second Level

It is a public charging point available in shopping centers and car parks with dedicated EV chargers capable of charging 7kW (single-phase). It gives an output of 40km range per hour, which is enough to charge your EV overnight. You need a Type 2 charging cable at this level to charge your EV.

The Third Level

These are fast chargers or superchargers that operate at power levels ranging from 25kW to 350kW (three phase). It gives a full charge in 15 minutes and adds a range of about 150 km per hour. However, they are specific to the Tesla model only and not to any other EV model.

There are several EV charging station service providers in Australia A brief breakdown of Australia’s charging stations:

New South Wales

Total Charging Points: 4627
DC Charger: 153
AC charger: 630


Total Charging Points: 536
DC Charger: 86
AC charger: 450

Queensland: There is an “electric superhighway” with 31 fast-charging stations.

Total charging points: 395
DC Charger: 59
AC charger: 336

Western Australia: West Perth has the first high-speed charging station with a charger, offering a range of 400 km in less than 15 minutes.

Total Charging Points: 227
DC Charger: 25
AC Charger: 202

Outside Australia:

Total Charging Points: 235
DC Charger: 19
AC charger: 216

Kingdom of the North

Total Charging Points: 13
No DC charger
AC charger: 13

Australian Capital Territory

Total charging points: 50
DC Charger: 11
AC charger: 39


Total Charging Points: 68
DC charger: 4
AC charger: 64

The number of public charging stations in Australia is very low compared to other countries like China, but the number is increasing as the federal and state governments invest in public chargers.

Private companies are also building charging networks on highways. As demand for EV chargers increases, local councils are setting up more charging stations in public areas.



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